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WACBERG RM ( Epoxy Repair Mortar )
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priming bullet imagePriming

On a sound absorbent surface, WACBERG RM does generally need any primer otherwise WACBERG Primer may be applied on concrete, mortar, stone, ceramics, metals in vertical and overhead situation. While primed surface is tacky, apply WACBERG RM ( Please see separate leaflet for WECBERG Primer.

mixing bullet imageMixing

Mix all of pack B (hardener) with all of pack A (base), mix until a uniform consistency is obtained. A spatula or slow speed drill or paddle may be used for mixing. use the mixed material immediately. Apply smooth off well with a clean trowel. Teflon coated tools are the best to handle for this product.

packing bullet imagePacking

in 6 Kg. (A+B) and 12 Kg. (A+B) Kit

coverage bullet imageCoverage/Consumption

30KR/M2 with a thickness of 15mm and pro-rata basid.

Health bullet imageHealth & Safety

A & B Packs are inflammable so handle with care . Use gloves while handling these Products.

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