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WACBERGMICROKRIT ( High Strength Micro Concrete For Repair )
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A Specially Prepared ready to use grey Powder which required of water only at job site, to produce free flowing and semi fluid/ plastic high strength concrete which has micro fine aggregate and ability to penetrate into the recesses of concrete members behind the reinforcement of the structure under repair.


Conventional repair of honeycombed area and to fill recesses of broken structure of concrete. In fact is used to effect permanent repair to all types of concrete and mortar. WACBERGMICROKRIT is of particular intrest to specialist military agencies, airport road and port authorised. Most useful for repair of soffit of beams and columns.


> Volume stabilized and non-shrink micro concrete - high early strength. it provides strength of
   main structural member or in excess within 24 hours only.
> It does not produced any cracks along the line of old build up concrete section.
> Good bond. it achieves an excellent bond with parentconcrete.
> Produces highly impermeable concrete to water and protect the reinforcements for , corrosion.
> Normal curing as it is done for any other concrete.
> Pocket upto 100mm can be filled in one application.
> Specially selected and graded micro fine aggregate. fillers and a range of fluidifiers ensure 
   optimum density and durability.

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