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WACBERG - P ( Epoxy Primer For Wacberg Products )
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description bullet imageDescription
WACBERG P  is a  solvent free low viscosity, Two pack epoxy primer. It is used specifically as aprimer coat for all WACBERG products to block work, brick, asphalt, renderings, stone asbestos, cement, wood, concrete and mortar. It can be applied in dry or slightly damp conditions. Pack A & B is Pre-measured quantities of Resin and Hardener and need only mixing at site.


It is used as primer for marine decks and structures, tanks, interiors and exteriors,concrete and mortar surfaces.

Features bullet iamgeFeatures

>  Easy to apply by conventional sprayer.
>  Outstanding resistance to water, weather and abrasion.
>  Excellent adhesion.
>  Reliable - produced under rigid quality control - quality never varies.

mixing bullet iamgeMixing

Mix all of Pack A ( Base ) with all of Pack B ( Hardener ) for 2 - 3 minutes until it is smooth, with spatula or drill or paddle. Please see little air is in the mix. Packs A & B are reweighed and should be used in full quantity.

cleaning bullet iamgeCleaning

If the material is soft use solvent for its removal. If it is hard remove it mechanically.
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