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WACBERG RM ( Epoxy Repair Mortar )
Epoxy Repair Mortar
discription bullet imageDescription
WACBERG RM is a two pack A and B repair of patching mortar system. All packs are premeasured and they only need proper mixing at site with entire quantity supplied. it is a blend of silica Aggregates bonded together with Epoxy resin, designed for speedy and permanent repair to concrete. The mixed material is applied to suitable prepared and primed surface

features bullet imageFeatures

>  Absolutely waterproof - will cure under damp condition.
>  Permanent repair through super bonding - highly resistant to abrasion and impact.
>  Speedy development of initial hardness minimize maintenance.
>  Natural concrete colour - any other colour is available on request.
>  Reliablity - produced under rigid quality control - no quality variation.

bullet uses imageUses

All repair / patching work of cavities on concrete surface, permanent repair to spalled or cracked concrete structures, acid tanks, seal walls, industrial floors in planting shops, chemical handing and process areas.

technical bullet imageTechnical Data

Ratio of A : B : 2 : 1
Pack A : Base in white colour.
Pack B : Black hardener.
Colour : Grey
Consistency : Thixotropic epoxy mortar.
Pot life at 300C : 45 minutes
Full cure : 7 days
Below 250C : Curing time will be increased
Yield/Density : 2000Kg/M3
Compressive strength : 700Kg/cm2
Tensile strength : 120Kg/mc2
Flexural strength : 300 Kg./cm2
Shrinkage during curing : Nil
Initial cure : 4-8 hours.
Adhesion strength : Failure if any occurs at concrete and never at the bonding joints.
Shelf life : 12 month if unopened
Strorage : Keep it in a cool place.
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