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WACBERGHARD is a non - metallic floor hardener. it consists of Quartz, Silica mixture of finely graded non-metalic, Plasticizer and Cement binder. it is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for bath interior and exterior floor & Pavement surface and are available in four colours, Cement gray, Terracotta Light Green and Off white.

uses bullet imageUses

For new concrete floors which are subject to the Heaviest traffic or where good abrasion resistance is required e.g.industrial floors, Trucking lane, Loading bays, Car parks, Warehouse, Repair workshop, Engineering workshop, Petrol pumps / Service stations, Garages etc.

advantages bullet imageAdvantages

> Forms monolithic structure with floor slabs.
> Excellent non slip properties.
> No rusting due to non metallic tough material. No cracking. Chemically inert.
> Increases the wear resistances 60 to 70% .
> Increases the water resistances.
> High resistances to Oil, Grease and Non Ferrous Material.

doses bullet imageDoses

Heavy Duty Floor / Pavement : 6 to 7 Kg./sqm
Medium Duty Floor / Pavement : 4 to 5 Kg./sqm
Light Duty Floor / Pavement : 2 to 3 Kg./sqm

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