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WACBERGGUARD is a two pack polymer modified Cementitious protective/waterproof slurry coating. When it hardens it arrests dampness, carbonation and efflorescence permanently over concrete/mortar/brick surfaces.

uses bullet imageUses

> Sealing fine cracks upto 0.5 mm.
> Best material over roof/terrace for permanent water proofing with glass fabric sandwiched between
    two coats.
> Most effective for damp-proofing, arresting carbonation/efflorescence over concrete/motar/brick
   work/block work surface. Exterior waterproofing of basement wall in new buildings.
> Interior waterproofing of water tanks.
> Damp proofing course (DPC) over lean concrete. Excellent in terrace garden and Swimming pools against
   seepage of water.

features bullet imageFeatures

> Superb adhesion to sound and prepared surface of most building materials.
> Factory made packs-needs only mixing.
> Easy to apply by brush.
> Non-toxic, safe n contact with drinking water.
> Anticorrosive to steel.
> Excellent protection against carbonation, efflorescence and salt petering.
> Long lasting and highly durable waterproofing. Highly UV resistance.
> Breathable.
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