Polyester Polymer Concrete is the overlay material, consists of mixed material of Natural Gravels, Sand and Polyester Resin. The system begins with a Low Viscosity 100% Reactive Methacrylate, penetrating healer / sealer primer. The primer bleeds into the concrete cracks and pores, then reacts with the resin in the overlay to give the system and integrated chemical bond to the substrate, Provide 100% Protection against Chloride Intrusion, High Skid Resistance. The technology is most suited for Overlay and Bridge Decks. The proven technology with track record of 30+ year is widely used in USA and recently introduce by DDR GLOBLE INFRASTRURER (HARYANA) in India. Indian Road Congress Committee has accredited Polyester Polymer Concrete on May 13,2012 for repair, rehabilitation and protection of Bridge Deck, Structures, Rigid Pavement, Airport, Aprons and Taxi Ways. Our team of Expert Engineer and Skilled Labour have complete knowledge of laying of Polyester Polymer Concrete. Our Company is their Construction and Execution Partner in India.

Technical Detail of Polyester Polymer Concrete Click here

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