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THIN WHITE TOPPING are originally developed in the USA in 1918 as a quick cost effective and long lasting rehabilitation solution for asphalt pavement. TWT is the covering of an existing asphalt pavement with a layer of special design cement concrete, white toping is a rehabilitation technique in which 100 to 200 mm thick layer of cement concrete is placed over a milled surface of asphalt pavement. The overlay Thickens and joint specifications are decided depending on the traffic load. Special M-40 grade concrete is design and laid with the combination of polypropylene fibers. They are added to mix for increasing resistance to plastic shrinkage and to promote additional tensile strength. Our expert team extends assistance in design and execution to carry out TWT projects in India. We uses special high frequency needle vibrator (VPM 12000) and further truss paver are applied for compaction and leveling, Joint are cut longitudinally and transversely with in 24hr with special design concrete cutters and curing us done with curing compound. Our company have executed first project of TWT in the year of 2005 at WESTERN COURT IN NEW DELHI UNDER CPWD.

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